ATESSIA Life Science Advisors, a Catalyst for Regulatory Innovation: Collaborating with UBAQ, ATESSIA Sets a New Standard to Facilitate the Management of Regulatory Challenges in the Health Sector

An alliance capable of moving mountains.

ATESSIA and UBAQ jointly pave the way for health sector players.

The health sector, constantly evolving and in the spotlight, requires wisely chosen partnerships.

ATESSIA, a consulting and expertise firm in regulatory and pharmaceutical affairs, and UBAQ, a recognized expert in SaaS solutions for Health Tech, naturally meet at the crossroads of their paths.

Their collaboration aims to simplify and strengthen the regulatory management of health industries, each contributing their expertise: ATESSIA with its deep knowledge of the regulatory field, distinctive know-how, and disruptive approach to consulting, and UBAQ with its sharp technological skills and fresh perspective on sector challenges.

Together, they offer a value proposition that combines innovation, expertise, and accessibility.

With this partnership, ATESSIA offers tailored support, deeply focused on quality customer experience, aiming to meet diverse needs and expectations at every interaction level.

“We were looking for a technical solution with an innovative approach to offer our clients. Having been in contact with UBAQ for several years, we now fully trust them and share the same values and ambitions: to support the Health Industries in their regulatory issues, always placing patients at the heart of our solutions.”

Géraldine BAUDOT-VISSER, Doctor of Pharmacy, founder of ATESSIA, and AMARYLYS.

A Tailored Partnership for the Health Industries

Always seeking to add value for health industry players, ATESSIA has teamed up with UBAQ to offer tailored support. This collaboration revolves around implementing an innovative technical tool designed to ease the daily life of health industry professionals. Indeed,

UBAQ aims to provide its clients with regulatory support that goes beyond its SaaS solution, choosing to partner with one of the most renowned firms in this field.

Both companies share a key priority: placing the customer, their experience, and satisfaction at the heart of each solution.

In addition to tool implementation, ATESSIA offers 360° support, covering all business and regulatory issues health industries may face.

This partnership provides an integrated solution, combining ATESSIA’s sharp expertise with an intuitive digital tool to ensure optimal regulatory compliance.

“Partnering with a regulatory affairs firm was obvious for us and is in line with the continuous support we offer our clients. ATESSIA breaks the mold and stands out with a very flexible and innovative approach: this is exactly what we were looking for.”

François CANCELLONI, General Manager and co-founder of UBAQ.

ATESSIA Life Science Advisors: The Strategic Partner in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Navigation

Founded in 2017 by Géraldine BAUDOT-VISSER, Doctor of Pharmacy, ATESSIA Life Science Advisors is an essential player in guiding health industries through regulatory landscape challenges.

With a team of experts and a client-centered approach, ATESSIA ensures compliance and relevance through personalized technical and strategic development support and health product commercialization.

ATESSIA positions itself as a market leader, with its insightful regulatory monitoring service, ATESSIA INTELLIGENCE, handling French and European regulatory subtleties.

ATESSIA’s renown highlights its expertise and commitment to assisting clients in successfully navigating the rigorous and complex world of regulatory and pharmaceutical affairs.

Key Points:

  • Expertise in 6 main areas: Pharmaceutical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Quality System Management, Health Product Promotion, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Devices, Regulatory Monitoring.
  • 126 companies subscribed to the regulatory monitoring tool, ATESSIA INTELLIGENCE.
  • Extended presence in Paris, Lyon, Luxembourg, Nice, Bordeaux, Lille, Auxerre, Orléans, and other locations.
  • 98% retention and satisfaction rate, according to the ISO indicator.

UBAQ, European Leader in Health Tech

Founded in 2023 from the merger of Qairn and Clardian (formerly BMI System), UBAQ supports the digital transformation of health industries with a suite of SaaS software.

These software solutions help dematerialize and simplify the application of the particularly strict and constantly evolving regulatory framework. UBAQ offers two solutions:

  • UBAQ DocPromo, which aims to comply with promotional documents.
  • NAYACT Transparency by UBAQ, focusing on the Law of Benefits Framework and transparency of interest links.

Life Sciences Review: Atessia: Tailor-made solutions for Pharmaceutical Regulatory Changes 🇬🇧

We are happy to share that ATESSIA, Life Science Advisors was selected by Life Sciences Review among the top 10 regulatory consulting firms in Europe for 2022.

Excitement, of course, is part of the deal, but so are the will to keep on giving our best and moving forward.

This success is the direct result of hard work, dedication and commitment of a team that shares the same vision, and seeks innovative solutions to complex challenges.

We believe that the best is yet to come.

➡️ Atessia – Regulatory Services Europe Solutions/Service Company

Atessia celebrates its 5th birthday!

Founded in 2017 by Géraldine Baudot-Visser, Atessia, Life Science Advisors is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year!

5 years during which our team of expert consultants has grown
5 years of tailor-made support to our 120 long-term clients
5 years of rewarding expertise working on complex and innovative projects
5 years that are the first of a long adventure!

Thank you all for your daily confidence ✨

Double certification: ISO 9001 & Qualiopi

Géraldine BAUDOT-VISSER and her team are proud to announce that ATESSIA is now certified by AFNOR according to two Quality standards: ISO 9001 for our expertise and consulting activity and Qualiopi for our in-company training offer.

Since its creation, the Customer Experience and the Quality of our services, thanks to defined processes, are at the heart of the principles cultivated within ATESSIA.

This corporate commitment aims to stimulate our continuous improvement approach with the aim of maintaining your satisfaction on a daily basis while remaining the agile and flexible consulting company that you know.

We keep our quality of listening, our proximity and our availability for your teams.

  • Our “ISO 9001” certification demonstrates ATESSIA’s ability to consistently provide a product or service that meets the requirements of its clients and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and our commitment to increasing client satisfaction.
  • Our “Qualiopi” certification attests to the quality of the process implemented by ATESSIA in the development and delivery of its professional training courses, which contribute to the development of skills and allow companies to access public and mutualised funds for their financing.

Happy New Year 2022

✨ Let’s go 2022! 🍾 The Atessia team, wishes you and your loved ones happiness, health and success for this new year!

Welcome to François-Mayeul Boudet

Welcome to François-Mayeul Boudet in the ATESSIA, Life Science Advisors Team! He will work as a Junior Advisor in Pharmaceutical Affairs! The whole team welcomes him!

🎀 Octobre Rose 2021 !

Atessia is mobilizing for the fight against breast cancer: Atessia’s employees are taking part in the ODYSSEA race which will take place this Sunday, October 3rd at the Château de Vincennes! 🏃