Double certification: ISO 9001 & Qualiopi

Géraldine BAUDOT-VISSER and her team are proud to announce that ATESSIA is now certified by AFNOR according to two Quality standards: ISO 9001 for our expertise and consulting activity and Qualiopi for our in-company training offer.

Since its creation, the Customer Experience and the Quality of our services, thanks to defined processes, are at the heart of the principles cultivated within ATESSIA.

This corporate commitment aims to stimulate our continuous improvement approach with the aim of maintaining your satisfaction on a daily basis while remaining the agile and flexible consulting company that you know.

We keep our quality of listening, our proximity and our availability for your teams.

  • Our “ISO 9001” certification demonstrates ATESSIA’s ability to consistently provide a product or service that meets the requirements of its clients and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and our commitment to increasing client satisfaction.
  • Our “Qualiopi” certification attests to the quality of the process implemented by ATESSIA in the development and delivery of its professional training courses, which contribute to the development of skills and allow companies to access public and mutualised funds for their financing.