Leslie GORGE

Regulatory and Pharmaceutical Affairs Advisor

Doctor of Pharmacy
MSc 2 - Pharmaceutical Regulation and Law - Drugs and Medical Devices (Strasbourg)
MSc 1 - Public Health (Paris Descartes)

Leslie began her carreer in the area of import and parallel trade applications. She then completed a year-long apprenticeship as part of her two-year MSc in Regulatory Affairs in the Drug Advertising Environment (Healthcare Professionals and General Public) and Approval of Appropriate Use Documents.

Spanning interdisciplinary roles, she was asked to manage stockout records and contribute to updating internal procedures (DHPC, advertising guidelines, etc.).

These experiences in a public institution gave her insight into the challenges facing pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and European health authorities.

With a combined eighteen months’ experience in various regulatory positions within a Health Authority, Leslie joined ATESSIA at the end of 2019 as a Junior Regulatory Affairs Advisor to develop and bring her expertise to the health industries’ external communications activities: compliance with the regulations on promoting health products, Medical Information Charter, and processes related to exploitant activities including communication and promotion through audits or assessments. She also contributes to regulatory and registration activities in the context of large-scale projects involving subsidiary or parent company structures in different environments for all types of health products.





Regulatory monitoring