Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor &
Editorial Director of ATESSIA INTELLIGENCE

Doctor of Pharmacy
MSc in International Drug Development and Registration (Chatenay)
MSc in Health Management and Economics (Paris Dauphine)

After two years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in regulatory affairs (Sanofi), then eight years in a regulatory business consulting firm (A.R.C. Pharma), Jeanne joined ATESSIA in 2018 as Senior Consultant in Health Product Regulation and Editorial Director of ATESSIA INTELLIGENCE (Regulatory Monitoring Service).

She defines the editorial line of ATESSIA INTELLIGENCE and provides the impact analysis of regulatory news. Specializing in the forward-looking monitoring of French and European legislative processes, she works to support clients in anticipation of future regulatory requirements. She shares competitive intelligence on request.

Jeanne provides regulatory advice, particularly on borderline health products and status changes (medicines, MDs, dietary supplements, cosmetics, biocides), the evolution of European pharmaceutical legislation, regulatory strategy on registrations, pharmaceutical responsibility of various types of establishments, early access to innovation in France, ethical provisions on anti-gifting and transparency, and the control of advertising media (GP/PM) and non-advertising media (institutional and environmental information) on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.



Regulatory monitoring



Early access to innovation

Project management

Regulatory strategy