Apprentice - Digital communication

Master of Science in Biotechnology Marketing (Ionis-STM)
Bachelor of Biotechnology, Biotracking and Bioresources (Montpellier’s Faculty of Sciences)

Wael is currently pursuing his M1 – MSc – Master of Science in Biotechnology Marketing at Ionis-STM in Ivry-Sur-Seine. His academic journey includes a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Technology, and Health with a specialization in Biotechnology, Biotracking, and Bioresources from the Faculty of Sciences at Montpellier UM2. The interdisciplinary nature of his studies, rich in possibilities and discoveries, is one of the driving forces behind his motivation.

 Beyond his academic pursuits, he has developed a keen interest in digital communication. Wael has acquired strong skills in this area through his collaboration with the Montpellier media library network and freelance work during the creation of the company Allajna.

 Determined to learn and add value, he is enthusiastic about combining his passion for biotechnology with digital communication.

Ses savoir-faire


Regulatory monitoring