Senior Quality Assurance Advisor

Doctor of Pharmacy

Isabelle holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy, complemented by a university diploma in Pharmacovigilance. She studied pharmacy at the University of Paris Sud.

She brings with her a wealth of 24 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical sector, having started her career with Alliance Healthcare as a sales representative and Pharmacist Manager, before moving up the ladder to become Purchasing Manager for various medical products. Her passion for logistics and quality assurance led her to increasingly senior roles, including Product Logistics Flow Manager at Alliance Healthcare.

Her nine-year career in consulting at Apsalys and Dextreg was marked by significant contributions to the validation of computerized systems, the organization of hospital logistics platforms, and support as head of quality assurance for various customers and preparations, support during ANSM inspections of the Exploitant and Pharmacovigilance, implementation of the LEA process and transparency of links as well as in the implementation of certification for promotional information by canvassing.

More recently, at Intsel Chimos and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Isabelle progressed as Quality Assurance Manager and Interim Pharmacist Manager, playing a key role in launching innovative treatments and ensuring compliance with the operator’s regulatory responsibilities.

Isabelle joined ATESSIA in December 2023.

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Acting Head Pharmacist

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