Junior Quality Assurance Advisor

Doctor of Pharmacy - Ph.D
Master 2 Responsibility and Management of Quality in Health Industries, Faculty of Pharmacy of Bordeaux

Antoine started his career in quality assurance at the Victor Dupouy hospital of Argenteuil. During his externship, he had the opportunity to contribute to the ISO 9001 certification of the centralized cytotoxic prepration unit. His main tasks were to assess the risks involved by setting up a risk map and by rating the risks.

By joining the Galien LPS repackaging site, based in Sens, he was able to consolidate his theoretical and pratical knowledge and to confront them to the reality of quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Working mainly on a quality management software upgrade, he also gained experience in day-to-day activities, such as writing manufacturer Product Quality Reviews or quality documentation and setting up a file to monitor OOS and OOT withe the Quality Control team. 

During his year of Master 2, being an apprentice at Zambon France, allowed him to get used to the quality assurance within an operating site. He developed his skills in the management and monitoring of quality processes, including Product Complaints and Product Quality Reviews, while leading a project aimed at establishing a Data Integrity policy within this operating site. 

He joined ATESSIA in October 2022, as a junior quality consultant, to take part in missions mainly related to Operator Quality Assurance. 



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